Why Do My Car Vents Smell Bad?

There is hardly a nicer feeling than turning on your car's air conditioning to its coldest setting on a sweltering day. But if there's a foul scent blowing, that cool breeze can swiftly turn from being delightful to revolting! But is it just you, or is your car having some significant issues? Find out what kinds of scents can enter your car's air conditioning system and what they might indicate about your car.

Reasons For Foul Scents

If you can smell mildew developing in the system, it will smell musty or moldy (like filthy socks). This is actually a very typical issue with automobiles, and the main reason why it occurs is because your air conditioning system is running on recirculation only, and the fan isn't blowing for a minute or two after the air conditioning and engine have been turned off.

Mildew can grow in many parts of your car's air conditioning system, but you'll discover that the evaporator core and the condenser are its favorite spots. These enclosed, wet spaces are the ideal environment for bacteria to flourish. Even while there isn't much of a health concern, the scent is undoubtedly disagreeable.

Your Ac Smells Like It's Burning Up

It's never a good sign if your car's air conditioning is burning up. But how you respond may depend on the type of burning smell! Here are a few typical burning odors you could detect coming from the air conditioner;

• Burning rubber- if there is a problem with the A/C compressor, A/C compressor clutch, or a misaligned pulley, you could smell burnt rubber

• Burning oil- your engine's oil can seep through hoses, gaskets, and even the oil filter. This leaking oil can release a burning oil odor that can blow in with your air conditioner when it contacts your hot engine

• Burning plastic- your car's air conditioning system may smell like burnt plastic due to electrical shorts, burning wires or hoses


Normally your air conditioning should be giving you fresh air through the vents but if you need car ac repair, give Snider Auto Care a call today!

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