The Top 5 Signs Your Car Needs New Spark Plugs

How often do you check your car's spark plugs? Although often overlooked, spark plugs are critical to your engine's performance. Vehicles have several parts that must all function optimally to ensure maximum performance and safety on the road. Your car will show the following hints that it needs new spark plugs.

1. Engine Won't Start

The battery often takes the blame when your car fails to start. However, there are instances when the spark plugs are the culprit. Therefore, the engine must work harder to compensate for the worn-out or torn plugs, making it difficult to start, especially in harsh weather conditions. Damaged plugs will not produce enough spark to start the engine.

2. Rough Idling

Check your car's spark plugs if the engine makes rattling, jittery, or knock-like noises. You hear strong disconcerting vibrations in your vehicle that may damage other sensitive components. We suggest visiting a professional mechanic immediately to check your plugs and other sensitive parts.

3. Fuel Economy Degradation

Fouled or dirty spark plugs may not efficiently burn gasoline, thereby reducing your car's fuel economy. Your vehicle's miles-per-gallon may drop by up to 20% or 30% if you don't replace the plugs. A professional mechanic will replace the plugs to factory specifications and with the right tools.

4. Car Does Not Accelerate Well

Misfiring plugs will rob your engine of the energy it needs to speed up. The car may also jerk or stutter while accelerating or climbing a hill, showing signs of an engine misfire. We recommend having your vehicle inspected immediately.

5. Engine Misfires

Your engine may sporadically misfire while driving. An engine misfire occurs when the plugs don't have enough spark to properly ignite the fuel and air mixture. The cylinder won't fire, and the engine will run roughly to compensate for this shortcoming.

Driving on damaged or worn-out spark plugs can cause engine failure and damage other components of your car. Therefore, don't put it off. If you need a spark plug replacement, give Snider Auto Care a call today!

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