Get Your Car Ready for Spring

As winter fades, Spring brings its own special challenges for driving. The roads stop being covered in snow, but rain persists. Visibility and grip will be adversely affected, making accidents more likely. You should hence do all you can to get your car ready for spring. The following are a few things you should do:

Change Oil and Filter

After surviving the winter, your car needs a brand-new bottle of fresh oil for the engine to run smoothly. A mechanic should pour all the oil out of the car and replace it with oil that will usher in the Spring.

You should also schedule a change of your vehicle's oil filter. A good oil filter will ensure that your car runs at maximum efficiency, all through the Spring.

Get A Full System Tune-Up

Before Spring arrives, you should get a full systems check-up of your vehicle. Many things can get compromised when driving during winter, some of which may not be apparent.

Modern vehicles have many systems that all need to be up to date for the car to run optimally. These include braking, steering, transmission, battery charging, powertrain control, ignition, and emission systems among many others.

A full check of the systems is the only way to ensure your car is in optimal condition.

Clean The Lights

Visibility is a constant issue when driving during Spring. Therefore, you should prepare your car's lights for the grueling season ahead.

Start by deep cleaning the lights and ensuring there are no obstacles in the headlights or tail light casings. Use a toothbrush, baking soda, and water to ensure the lights shine bright.

Replace the bulbs as necessary and ensure the wiring is in good condition.

Need help preparing your car for Spring? Bring it to Snider Auto Care today!


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