Common Summer Car Problems & How to Prevent Them

The summertime is probably the worst time of year to encounter car problems. You probably want to be hitting the pool, going on road trips, and doing other fun summer activities --- not being stuck going back and forth to having your car fixed. Thankfully, the experts at Snider Auto Care can help you get all your auto service and repairs out of the way now so that you can have a fun, carefree summer. 

Read on to learn more about common vehicle issues drivers often experience and how we can help prevent them from happening to you.

Problem #1: Engine Overheating 

This is undoubtedly the most common cause of car breakdowns this time of year. The risk of your car overheating is increased as temperatures skyrocket. It can put immense strain on your engine and cooling system, which often leads to leaks, damage, and overheating. To prevent these systems from breaking down, we can inspect your cooling system and perform a coolant flush if necessary. You may also need an oil change. 

Problem #2: Battery Corrosion

Battery acid can evaporate with the summer heat, and as a result, it can weaken your battery's charge. Be sure to regularly check your battery charge, clean off the terminals, and park out of the sun when feasible. At our auto repair shop, we can provide you with battery tests.

Problem #3: A/C Malfunction

Who doesn't need their car air conditioning to work during the summer? If your A/C seems weak or is not blowing any cold air at all, you'll be miserable driving in the heat. At the start of the season, we recommend that you bring your vehicle to our shop for an A/C system inspection. In most cases, if your car A/C is weak, you simply need replenishment of freon or refrigerant.


Let the professional team at Snider Auto Care take care of all your summer car needs today. We invite you to bring your vehicle to our shop for a pre-summer check-up. Feel free to give us a call or schedule your appointment online with us today. 

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